How to work with us at Alexander Daniels

  • Posted by: Alexander Daniels
  • Date: 01 January 1970

Looking for a new job can be incredibly frustrating. Particularly as the thought of having to approach new people and talk about ourselves can seem overwhelming. This is what can put some jobseekers off contacting recruiters to help them with their job search. Spending time building a relationship with a relevant recruiter could be the key to finding a job that you love.
To help you overcome the hesitation when it comes to approaching a recruitment agency, we have put together some tips which will help you get your job search off to a successful start.

Do your research
Choose the right recruitment consultant before making initial contact, understanding consultants’ speciality and their market focus will make your job search more effective. The simplest way to do this is to visit out website and check out our consultants’ profiles.
As we have experts in certain fields we shall be able to offer you relevant advice which will help you to make the most of your job searching experience.

Know what you want – job wise
When first making contact with us about a particular vacancy, state why your experience makes you a good fit for the role. We can advise you on available roles and progression within the industry, but cannot advise on the career path that you should take. Such as; where you are willing to travel, salary you require, the type of role you are looking for and whether you seek permanent/temporary work.

Tailor your CV
Don’t send across a CV to us and hope for the best. For each job you apply for, you should have a bespoke CV, highlighting relevant skills and experience. The key thing is to make sure your CV is up to date.

Bring your documents
During the first step of registration, your ID, certificates and qualifications should be bought in for us to take a copy of. Without this we won’t be able to continue with your job search.

Meet with us
Speaking face to face helps build a positive relationship with your consultant. Any questions can be answered with you consultant immediately. We need to ensure that all candidates are the best fit possible, both in terms of your CV and how you conduct yourself at the interview. Therefore, treat meeting your recruitment consultant as you would a job interview.

Build relationships that last
If you approach the relationship correctly, working with a recruiter can enrich your job seeking experience. Make sure you approach us as you would any professional contact keeping all communication professional.
Once you have found a position, be sure to keep in touch in order to build on the relationship you already have. Your consultant may help you with your career move at some point in the future once you are placed and can see the evidence that you are a great candidate.

Take advantage of our advice
Many people don’t know how to write a good CV. It’s no big deal! We will offer CV/cover letter advice, when you’re applying for a specific role. Take our advice on board and remember we know our clients well and genuinely want you to get the job.