Leadership in the workplace

  • Posted by: Alexander Daniels
  • Date: 03 June 2018

By Lauren Beattie

Leadership in the workplace – what are you doing to produce the future leaders of your business?

A couple of weeks ago, while catching a flight back from Birmingham to Glasgow I quickly flicked through the inflight magazine, which quite frankly doesn’t usually get much of my interest. However, on this occasion I stumbled across a very interesting piece by John Yates on Leadership explaining why training and development is so important for spreading the right attributes and skills throughout your organisation.
He posed questions such as “What was the last thing you said as you left the office?” or “What mood did you leave your colleagues in?” and why remembering these things is more important than you may think.

In the UK we face a substantial shortage in leadership talent. Put simply, there just aren’t enough people with the right skills that organisations are looking for. The research that Yates and his team undertook told us that a massive two-thirds of organisations do not feel confident in their supply of talent for the next three to five years. This is worrying when we are in such a period of change including Brexit, digital transformation, gender pay gap challenges and GDPR. Yates suggests that organisations do not just need people who can perform their day to day job to a high standard but actually, people who can help the organisation adapt and change to these ever-changing demands. So, in a time when we need to keep upskilling our employees, why are the likes of training and development the first area to disappear when costs need to be cut? I agree with Yates and his team when they say the consequence of this could be very problematic.

Leadership does not just mean those at the top of an organisation. It needs to be top of the agenda at all levels of a business whether that be front office, back office or in the boardroom. Leadership needs to start from day one, I would argue from the start of the recruitment process. Know that the person you are interviewing/potentially hiring has the right attributes and values that fit with what your organisation sees as a great leader. But don’t leave it there, as soon as that person joins your business, put a plan in place to develop those leadership skills so when the time comes that they are ready to step up into that leadership role, they are already prepared and know what is expected, how to act and how to communicate effectively. To promote someone and then think about leadership development…. Well that’s too late!

So next time you are looking to hire, don’t just think about what they can do for you in the here and now – will they be a future leader within your business? Will they drive the values and culture of the organisation and encourage others to do the same? Will they be adaptable to the changing needs of the business? Let’s hope so!

What are you doing to improve leadership within your business? If you need to hire someone to assist with this, then lets have a chat – I am currently representing some top class Leadership Development Consultants.

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