What Jobseekers can learn from New Year’s resolutions

  • Posted by: Alexander Daniels
  • Date: 12 April 2017

So, it’s the run up to the new year, and without a doubt, millions of people will be noting their New Year’s resolutions. What better time than now to start making your resolutions? Most people resolve to loose weight, reconnect with old friends or even rediscover an old passion when the clock strikes midnight and usher in the fresh start. But because you are job seeking, your resolution for this year is to go out and find your dream job.
Here are some specific resolutions you should be making in order to meet your goal and show up for work at your idea work environment in the new year.

Volunteer your time
This can be a valuable experience and a great thing to add to your CV.
Check out charity events near you, and find out how you can give back to the community. It also shows employers how dedicated and hardworking you are. You’ll gain some great new skills and knowledge, boost your profile and you’ll feel great for achieving something. If you have a gap on your CV, volunteering is a great way to fill it.

Learn something new
Is your CV full of cliché ‘skills’ like communication, teamwork and organisation? These are so overused that they have become pretty much meaningless. So, have you ever thought about learning a new, more appealing skill, to boost your profile.
What is it that you’re missing from your career now that you’d like to learn or develop? There are many courses and qualifications you can take on, to improve yourself and your occupation. The following skills are highly regarded:
• Data Analysis
• Excel
• Technical and Computer Skills
• Commercial Awareness
• Creative Skills

Loose weight from your CV
Maybe your CV is abit too long, and therefore isn’t appreciated enough by recruiters and employers. Try and cut it down to 2-3 pages, and include only what’s necessary for the particular job that you are applying for.

Using social media
Social media is an ever-increasing part of daily life. Make sure you’re not just using social media on a whim when it comes to your job hunt.
Take some time to make a workable social media job search plan. This could include groups you should join and discussions you should add to.
Don’t think social media is a magic bullet that will land you a job with no effort.

Networking is a great way to discover hidden job opportunities and a way to set yourself apart from the pack. You can build your contacts, obtain knowledge, it can create opportunities and it can also be a job fast track.
You can network in person and through social media, making sure to remember to follow – up with your contacts in order to keep them fresh.

Be more productive
We all procrastinate sometimes…But there are limits. It can be difficult after a hard day at work to even think about applying for other jobs, but it’s important to keep that momentum going:
• Set aside an hour each evening, just to look for jobs
• Remove all interruptions
• Don’t waste time applying for any old jobs
• Make a list of all the jobs you do apply for
• Make sure you save the job adverts
• Take breaks when needed

Give yourself a break
Job hunting is tough, make no mistake. If you spend 100% of your time hunting for a job, you will burn out. Don’t forget to relax and take a break occasionally. Make time for the things which are important to you, so that you can return to your job search refreshed.